Significado de event


Fato, ato, eventualidade, lance, palco, fenômeno, evento, acontecimento, ação, caso, peripécia, capaz, causador, bomba.


That which comes, arrives, or happens; that which falls out; any incident, good or bad.
An affair in hand; business; enterprise.
The consequence of anything; the issue; conclusion; result; that in which an action, operation, or series of operations, terminates.
To break forth


psychological feature generic term noun, case, circumstance generic term noun, physical phenomenon generic term noun, consequence, effect, outcome, result, issue, upshot, phenomenon generic term

Vogais: ee

Consoantes: vnt

Palavras Parecidas

even out, eventide, evened, even-toed, eventuate, eventuated, evenhand, evanid, evomit, effeminate.