Significado de mace


Cetro, bedel.


A money of account in China equal to one tenth of a tael; also, a weight of 5
98 grains.
A kind of spice; the aril which partly covers nutmegs. See Nutmeg.
A heavy staff or club of metal; a spiked club; -- used as weapon in war before the general use of firearms, especially in the Middle Ages, for breaking metal armor.
A staff borne by, or carried before, a magistrate as an ensign of his authority.
An officer who carries a mace as an emblem of authority.
A knobbed mallet used by curriers in dressing leather to make it supple.
A rod for playing billiards, having one end suited to resting on the table and pushed with one hand


Mace, Chemical Mace, chloroacetophenone generic term, CN gas generic term noun, macebearer, macer, official generic term, functionary generic term noun, spice generic term noun, staff generic term

Vogais: ae

Consoantes: mc

Palavras Parecidas

mac, manace, manche, menace, mach, mack, mage, make, mase, maze.